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Bachelor Nick Episode Four: Trendy Sweaters – Are They Worth It?

Since we’re in the Bachelor Universe, of course this week’s featured knitwear is a bit more “trendy.” If you’re going to put in the time and energy to knit a piece of clothing – I understand you might want to make it a timeless choice. On the other hand, maybe these pieces are timeless to you?

Vanessa is a class act who actually understands what slut shaming is! I love her and so does Nick, so I assume she’s winning this season. (I don’t believe in spoilers. As I have previously confessed, I am overly emotionally invested in this TV show.)

Here she is looking fabulous in a cocktail sweater dress that is wonderfully distressed:

I love this dress as an inspiration for writing a pattern, especially since I had difficulty finding anything similar. Maybe with linen yarn?

Knitting Ideas:

Next up, Jasmine’s white sweater allows me to feature this fun tidbit:

I love the ribbing change between the collar and the body of the sweater.

Sometimes, the best photo of the sweater is not the best photo of the person.

Knitting Ideas:

So is a sweater with cut out shoulders worth knitting? I think it’s super cute, but will it stay the test of time?

I’ll say this much- it’s got to be more practical than a turtleneck crop top.

I admit the cables are cute.



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