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Bachelor Nick, Episode Seven: Danielle’s Ombré Sweater

I didn’t think Nick and Danielle had a ton of chemistry to begin with, but she had a tragic backstory…so there was no way she was going home for the first couple of episodes. She seemed really lovely, so I’m glad she got kicked off this week. Better now than awkward family tragedy home town date, right? I totally related when she said she “had to leave before she totally loses it.” Girl, the whole point of the show is for you to totally lose it. Props for trying to keep it classy.

In honor of Danielle’s last week, I’m featuring a cardigan that didn’t get much air time. Sharleen Joynt did spot the sweater though with her typical amazing attention to detail.

Really, this just gives me an excellent excuse to feature ombré sweaters.

Knitting Ideas:

Click on the headers below for links to the patterns on Ravelry.

Ombrè: Designed by Tanis Lavallee

I have a total yarn crush on Tanis Fiber Arts. Ever since I heard Tanis’ interview on the Woolful Podcast, I’ve been in love with her yarn and her patterns!

Designer: Tanis Lavallee

Ombrè-Dyed Sweater: Designed by Staci Perry

This cardigan pattern features a dying technique to create the ombrè effect!

Designer: Staci Perry

Shui-mo: Designed by Michele Wang

The ombrè effect here is created by holding two strands together and shifting the colors “one strand at a time to achieve a smooth gradient.”

Designer: Michele Wang Photo: © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Sable Sweater: Designed by Leah Chapman

I love this cardigan and I love the cute braid detail on the sleeve!

Designer: Leah Chapman Photo: © Tina Whitmore




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