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Broad City Knitting Reference Brings Joy to Funny Knitters Everywhere

After weeks of Hollywood’s sexual harassment stories being at the forefront of pop culture, it feels a little gross loving anything TV- or movie-related right now. I feel like I need to verify the non-perviness of every major actor and television star right now. So, for this month’s Pop Culture article, I’m going to focus on a show that knows how to handle gross, idiotic sexual harassers: Broad City.* You know how I know? Ilana Glazer has bad-ass firing skills. (And, as someone who has done background work, and, you know, a woman, the nerve of that guy just fills me with rage!)

For extra lady empowerment, watch this season’s “Witches,” an episode all about growing into your power as a woman. It will bring you life! It has both fabulous knit hats, a fabulous knitting reference, and a goddamn witch bonfire. What more could you ask for from your television?

Fabulous Broad City Knitting Reference:

In the first scene, Abbi finds out she has her first white hair. She’s pretty sad about it, but Ilana and Bevers are there to tell her: “You’re becoming a witch, a dope and fucking powerful witch.” When Abbi denies the existence of witches, Bevers makes this excellent point …

Broad City knitting

broad city knitting

Also, if you haven’t noticed already, how cute is Ilana’s hat?

broad city knitting
Best name tag: Hello, I’m trying my best.

This hat is super simple, but I love the color. Here’s a fabulous free pattern that has similar ribbing.

I wasn’t able to find a pattern with a similar square top — other than the infamous pussy hat, that is.

The best way to achieve the look would probably be to do a couple decreases in the round, and then just graft together, similar to how the pussy hat is seamed at the top.

And remember when you’re knitting…broad city knitting

For more fabulous Broad City, check out their DVDs here, and some fabulous Etsy fan art here.

*Sadly, Broad City may not be entirely free of sexual harassment ridiculousness, as I recently discovered. Dave Becky, Louis CK’s manager and helper in covering up his gross misdeeds, is an executive producer on Broad City. Ugh, this problem is rampant. I sure hope he’s only an executive producer on their show the same way that Louis CK was on One Mississipi: a mistake with low contributions.

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