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carla tiny angry crafter

Variegated Yarn Tales: Carla Robyn, the Tiny Angry Crafter

I met Carla on Ravelry and I was immediately excited by her blog, Tiny.Angry.Crafter. I used to call theater productions I produced and directed One Tiny Woman Productions, so I related immediately! Carla’s blog shows off her fabulous fashion sense and provides interesting insights into vintage knitting and sewing.

Let’s get to know Carla better, shall we?

What inspired you to start knitting or crocheting?

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a little girl. She would make such beautiful blankets, and whenever she wasn’t grading papers, she would have yarn in her hands. I only did chains until I taught myself amigurumi at age 17. I also taught myself to knit around that time, just to see if I could. I’ve never looked back since.

Has knitting or crocheting got you through a difficult time in your life? If so, how did it help?

I have anxiety, so when I’m off to a new place, or just out and about, I’ll keep some knitting with me. Years ago when my mom got really sick, I worked on an amigurumi cupcake for her. Her doctors were impressed I knew fiber works, and mom still owns the cupcake, and a good number of other cute things I’ve made her.

What keeps you obsessed?

Well I really enjoy vintage fashion, and especially, vintage knitting. It’s amazing what a plethora of free or very cheap patterns are out there. I also have a love for indie-dyed yarns. I’m on a mission to stock up on CandySkein yarn.

What’s your favorite project that you’re working on right now?

Right now I’m almost done with my A Day in The Garden sweater. I knit it in the round till the armholes and worked in pattern. It’s such a basic sweater, but it sports a very neat pattern for the yokes. This is also the fastest I’ve ever knit a garment, so-far clocking in at 10 days, to do the body. I think the sleeves will be another day or two.

[Update: She finished this sweater with an amazing neckline, after this interview was completed. Check it out as the featured image at the top of this post!]

carla tiny angry crafter

carla tiny angry crafter


What project are you most proud of? Why?

I’m very proud of my first sweater, the WWII Victory themed 3-Hour Sweater. It did not take 3 hours, the fit was strange, and I used acrylic, but it was the first garment I knit and I’m still giddy about it.

carla tiny angry crafter carla tiny angry crafter

What’s the best knitting or crochet advice you have received?

Interestingly enough it was from my grandpa when I first started. “Mind your tension, chief,” as my knitting tightened the more frustrated I got. I asked him what he knew about knitting tension, and he reminded me his mother knit, and told me how 4-year-old me would ‘help’ her knit scarves as a child. It’s much better now, but I still think of it when he watches me knit.

I know from your blog you have a love of vintage style. How do vintage patterns compare to more modern patterns? Do you find them more challenging?

I find vintage patterns require more knowledge of knitting than modern ones. And you have to have a needle conversion chart, and yarn conversion chart handy. A good portion of vintage knits are made on size 2 needles, in fingering weight yarn, which can be tedious.

How do pop culture and vintage influence your knitting?

The majority of what I knit now are from patterns that are 70+ years old. Often, I will watch a period piece and find myself pausing to screen capture a  knitted piece a character was wearing, or quickly sketching a design on scrap paper.


Thank you, Carla!

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