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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: TV Musical Neurosis and One Sweater

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was hands down my favorite television show during its first season. The second season had some great moments, but, honestly, I was a little too sad for Rebecca and her neurosis to laugh nearly as hard as I had the previous year.

Case in point for season two, the introduction of the character Nathaniel. He is far from my favorite – he was mean to Darryl! Don’t be mean to Darryl! They just barely managed to make him somewhat likeable by the end of the season. I doubt he will ever tug on my heart strings the way that Greg could in an instant, though. In fact, the show acknowledged that very feeling in “Who’s the New Guy?”

On the bright side, this episode, “When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?” did provide some knitwear. There’s not a lot of it, since they’re in beautiful, perfect-weather West Covina, California. Not only do we get a cute Paula sweater but we get the genius improv of Patton Oswalt:

So if you ever need a sweater for a date with a creepy graveyard security guard…these are it!

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