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Divorce: HBO Show Full of White People I Love

Divorce has a cast of actors that I love: Molly Shannon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Hayden Church, and Tracy Letts. Admittedly, all white people, but white people I love!

And sure, all of the characters have tons of money and opportunities and privilege…but sometimes Molly Shannon and Tracy Letts do things like this…

and I turn my critical thinking brain off, and just enjoy.

Since Divorce takes place in a WEALTHY suburban neighborhood in Westchester County, they are always cold and wearing delightful knitwear. Between that and Sarah Jessica Parker in the starring role, there is A LOT of fashion to enjoy.

In episode six, SJP dons this fabulous striped sweater that I adore. In fact, her character likes the sweater too, and wears it in two episodes.

Episode Six


Episode Eight

Knitting Ideas:



FYI: I might have a thing for striped sweaters.



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