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Trendy Tuesday – Excellent New Knitting Needles and a Beautiful Yarn Studio

What’s trending for me in the fiber world:

The #PennyDreadfulKAL, of course. I’ve spent more time than I’m willing to admit in public trying to figure out how many stitches to decrease. And, yes, I might have screwed up a bit of the moss stitch already. But design features, right? What is exciting is that moss stitch is actually great for my carpal tunnel! Alternating stitches really does help.

@mytwoladiesknitting was featured on @brooklynboyknits on Instagram! I’m definitely going to be buying her needles!

Sooo… today I got an AMAZING gift from Alexis Mantione, inventor and owner of @mytwoladiesknitting adjustable Straight Knitting Needle System. Just when I thought I knew everything there was to know when it came to knitting needles, this little lady comes along and my mind exploded when she invented this system when knitting those big bulky blankets. As most of you know… I love making big knits and always found it frustrating knitting big blankets when all your stitches start scrunching up. With these needles, that no longer is a problem 🤗. Guys you NEEEEED to check out these beautiful needles, especially when knitting those blankets and shawls that require so many stitches. Check out “My Two Ladies” and get your hands on these needles: and follow Alexis here on IG @mytwoladiesknitting FB: My Two Ladies. For a tutorial on this amazing knitting needle system, check out her video on You Tube: “My Two Ladies- Tutorial adjustable straight knitting needle system.” Alexis… thank you for this beautiful gift and thank for making my knitting easier and much more faster. You’re a genius!!!!!❤ Everyone… FOLLOW,FOLLOW,FOLLOW HER!!!!!

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A couple months ago I went to visit Amores Yarn Studio and it was beautiful! She’s so wonderful…so follow her on Instagram and check out her store next time you’re in Santa Fe.

What’s trending for me in pop culture:

Representation matters. Seriously, Martin Luther King Jr. said so because he was a Star Trek geek.

I’m not watching the Bachelor Winter Games, but Ashley I. is wearing the Raven hat in black in the trailer. Here she is crying like she usually does on this show…

See also my interview with Yolanda who made a similar hat — only hers was inspired by Beyoncé.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend took a cue from The Good Place and wrote a philosophy song “Nothing is Ever Anybody’s Fault” for their season finale. Love this show!


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