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Knitting GIF Thursday: Pushing Daisies

I’ve decided to embark on an experiment this month…I usually do at least one pop culture oriented blog post per month, but my ideas far outweigh the blog posts I have time to write. So instead I’ll keep it short and snappy…gifs that I’d probably like to write a whole post about someday in the future. But why deny you my knitting gif fun in the short term?

This month I’ll be posting Pushing Daisies knitting gifs every week. My husband and I watched this series for the first time to fill in the summer tv doldrums. I’m so sad this show is over, and that it was so short lived. Also, why did this show cast so many wonderful Broadway actors? I love the choice, just curious!

pushing daisies knitting gif

pushing daisies knitting gif

This is basically why I go to work every day.

If you have any further interest and want me to do further research or write more, please comment below and let me know! I’d love to find what makes your pop culture knitting heart sing!

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