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Penny Dreadful: Gothic Sweater Chic

My husband and I spent the fall binge watching Penny Dreadful. It was a fantastic show to watch for the Halloween season- although I’d still suggest you start the New Year with it as well if you haven’t caught it yet. Eirik and I spent a lot of our Penny Dreadful time yelling at the screen.

“Kill them all! (insert rambling monologue of radical feminism here)” – me

“Who cares about John Clare?!” – Eirik, while I appreciate all of his screen time because they give me more concentrated knitting time.

I also spent lots of time gasping every time Vanessa Ives walked on screen in yet another gorgeous ensemble.

Vanessa Ives: Cursed but always fashionable.

But what truly had me jumping on the sofa with joy were all the beautiful knits from season 2. For this post we’ll be taking a look at two of her sweaters. (More on Josh Harnett’s beautiful face/sweater later.)



Check out these sweaters to fulfill your Vanessa Ives style needs:

Now, let’s all eat dessert for breakfast like Ms. Ives!

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