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Rachel's cowl and hat bachelorette

Rachel’s Cowl and Hat with Free Patterns!

It’s taken me three weeks to find the time to do this, but I have to say, Rachel’s cowl and hat SLAYED me in Episode 6. What’s there really to say about last week’s episode anyway? She kicked off the two guys we knew she was going to kick off. Admittedly, the editors worked their asses off to create some suspense, but we all knew how it was going to play out. Anyway, remember the viking date?

viking date rachel bachelorette

I know that the chances are slim to none, but I’d love for Kenny to be the Bachelor. I mean, with the four we guys we currently have left, I could not care less about any of them being the Bachelor next season. Dean is just too young, Eric is a delight, but would probably break under the pressure, and Bryan and Peter are clearly final two. Also I don’t care about their love lives. Oh well, who am I kidding? I’m going to watch whoever it is. I just can’t escape how sad that is in comparison to how excited I was about Rachel’s season.

Most importantly though, let’s take a look at the beauty that is Rachel and her fashion choices. (Did you notice I’m a fan of Rachel?)

Rachel's hat and cowl bachelorette

Knitting Ideas for Rachel’s Hat:

A FREE pattern, Marshmallow Fluff by Jessica Gingerich:

Rachel's cowl and hat
© Dean Sheldon

Or if you like a bit more ribbing, check out Wabi, by Alex Tinsley.

Rachel's cowl and hat
© Alexandra Tinsley

And a tutorial on how to make a fake fur pom pom can be found here.

Crochet Ideas for Rachel’s Cowl:

I had some debate with some crochet friends, but we landed on probably a double crochet stitch for the cowl. This is a super easy beginner project, and you will ultimately look as amazing as Rachel wearing it. It’s a no-brainer even for knitters scared of crochet. Check out the FREE pattern for the Chunky Double Crochet Cowl on Stephanie Jessica Lau’s blog, All About Ami.

Rachel's cowl and hat
© Stephanie Jessica Lau

Enjoy the show tonight, Bachelor Nation!


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