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chunky knit hat divorce hbo episode 7

Sarah Jessica Parker Wins at Wearing a Chunky Knit Hat

On HBO’s Divorce, Sarah Jessica Parker wears a fabulous chunky knit hat in episode seven while attempting to vandalize her soon-to-be ex-husband’s house. Is this emotionally healthy? No. Does she look wonderful while seeking revenge? Yes.

What does it take to successfully pull off one of these hats? Sufficiently cold weather in which no on would judge you for wearing this? A small head? A narrow face? Being Sarah Jessica Parker? Please comment below and tell me!

While researching this hat, I discovered that this is something SJP pulls off in her real life too.

Knitting Ideas:

This hat, “Slush,” designed by Allison O’Mahony, actually reminds me of Raven’s hat on the Bachelor. This FREE hat pattern, however, is WAY more flattering!

chunky knit hat Allison O’Mahony
© Kniterations

For a look even more similar to SJP’s real-life chunky knit hat, look no further than Abi Gregorio’s “The Vermonter.” Another FREE hat pattern!

chunky knit hat sarah jessica parker pattern
© Abi Connors

I love the texture on this chunky knit hat, “Paris in Winter”, by Emily Ballentine Erb.

chunky knit hat sarah jessica parker pattern free
© Emily Ballentine Erb

Check out her blog for the FREE hat and scarf pattern!

chunky knit hat sarah jessica parker pattern free scarf
© Emily Ballentine Erb

Who am I kidding? If SJP can pull off hats that look like this…

Sarah Jessica Parker hat

She can wear any chunky knit hat!




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