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Two Free Crochet Patterns and a Beautiful Knit Shawl Design!

This week I was honored to be featured on the Crafty Love Monthly Link Party, a place where awesome blog crafters can share some of their best work! My post “Why You Need to Take a Live Knitting Class” was one of the most clicked posts last month. In addition there was some awesome designs featured that I need to share with you. Gorgeous!

First up is Kirsten Holloway’s beautiful Lace Fingerless Bridal Gloves design. This pattern is FREE on her blog!

kirsten holloway

I’ve been a fan of Kirsten since I saw her Lace PICC Line Cover design. My husband used to have PICC lines regularly, pre-transplant, and I think making him a PICC line cover would have been so cool.

Next up is this super cute Crochet Sunburst Granny Square Bag by Tara Leslie. The pattern is FREE! I’m especially enthralled by her use of leather handles.


Last but certainly not least, is the Envined Shawl by Erin Kurup.

© ersiku

I love the way she styled this shawl, especially as someone who (gasp!) doesn’t like shawls as much as other knitters. Check out the pattern for all of her beautiful pattern photos!

Please check out this month’s link party, where I’ve added my post about Knitting and Crochet Designers of Color. Maybe I’ll be featured again next month!


My name is Monica Rodriguez and I can’t stop fidgeting with yarn. I live in Albuquerque, NM with my husband. We belong to two terriers who manage to cuddle us just enough to keep us from revolting.

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