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Variegated Yarn Tales: 2017 Roundup

This year I’ve dedicated myself to writing and creating a blog that covers all of my favorite things — and hopefully you love some of those things too! Along the way, I’ve met some AMAZING women who shared fabulous insights into their fiber-loving lives. Meeting them has been the gateway to finding and creating my internet home, as well as my internet friends (and some offline ones too!). I’m so honored to have been able to work with all of them and it truly delights me to continue following their work and their beautiful creations.

Please follow and supporting these fabulous fiber artists, because there is truly nothing more satisfying then finding new fiber besties!

Lise Condis, Fiber Artist Who Explodes With Color

Someday Sweater in progress Lise Condis

Follow Lise on Instagram. Check out her website:

Carla Robyn, the Tiny Angry Crafter

carla tiny angry crafter

Follow Carla on Instagram. Check out her website:

Designer Sarah Dawn

sarah dawn

Follow her on Facebook. Check out her website:

Michelle Coffey, Stylish Lace Knitter

michelle coffey

Friend her on Instagram.

Gaye Glasspie aka GG, Fiber Blogger & Yarn Addict

Follow her on Instagram. Check out her website:

DWJ, Sweater Knitter Extraordinaire

Follow her on Instagram. Check out her website:

Khamini, Knitting Obsessed College Student

Follow her on Instagram.

Yolanda, Beyoncé of Knit Hats


Follow her on Twitter.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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