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Variegated Yarn Tales: Yolanda, Beyoncé of Knit Hats

Yolanda strives for perfection, and I couldn’t relate to her more. Not only is she a sweet and talented knitter, but she is a fantastic person to collaborate with. Keep an eye out for a guest post she’s been working on next year for Knit’s All Folks!, as well as a pattern we’ve been collaborating on. Sign up for my weekly newsletter so you’ll be sure not to miss it. Get to know Yolanda, and her Beyoncé inspired knit hats!

What inspired you to start knitting or crocheting?

My grandmother taught me and then years later, I wanted something to keep my ears warm while wearing a phony pony, so I picked it back up.

Has knitting or crocheting got you through a difficult time in your life? If so, how did it help?

Two years ago, I broke my wrist badly & fell into a depression. As soon as I was able to knit, I began making my occupational therapist a cowl. It strengthened my wrist and pulled me out of the dumps to see that I could still create.

What keeps you obsessed?

New techniques for making my hand knit items look more professional.

What’s your favorite project that you’re working on right now?

I’m making ponytail hats & earwarmers (still!) and I’m researching ways to make them more natural-hair friendly.

What project are you most proud of? Why?

I’m low-key (high-key, to be quite honest) proud of every item that comes off my needles. I try to make them as perfect to my eye as they can be and I love everything I make.

What’s the best knitting or crochet advice you have received?

Someone on the Knitting Paradise forum once said, “It’s ALL knitting.” From unraveling a particularly snarled skein to ripping, tinking, and frogging to finding the perfect less expensive substitute for a pricey yarn…it’s all part of the process of knitting. That has helped cut down on impatience and frustration for me.

Has pop culture had an influence on your knitting or crochet?

beyonce yolanda knit hat

I’m not a Hive member, but when I saw Beyoncé in that double pom pom beanie at a basketball game, I knew I had to make one. I upped the quality by using a (to my eye) more luxurious (alpaca-silk blend) yarn and real mink pom poms. People lost their whole entire minds for that and I have made two more (though they are pricey to make!!!!)

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