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You’re a Knitter!

Congrats on learning to knit! Wondering where to start? Well, first check out my post, “Basic Knitting Supplies.” You can also find all kinds of knitting advice here and videos on how to start knitting here.

Intrigued by the fabulous patterns included in the quiz? Find all the patterns linked below. (Several of the photos below link to Ravelry. Unfamiliar with the website? Check out my Ravelry Guide.)

“Harley” By Jenny Williams
Elven Dreams by Pauliina Karru
Eide Pullover by Marousa Gallagher
Arbor by Pauliina Karru
Diagonal Stripe Scarf by Katrina Wesler
50 Side Twist Hat by MadeByDevrie
Men’s Fingerless Trinity by BLT Designs

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