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Beginner Knitter: How to Cast On

beginner knitter cable cast on

I taught myself to knit with lots of youtube videos and the help of friends. So I decided to create my own beginner knitter videos to teach what I wish I had known starting out! Please let me know what you think or if you have any feedback! I’m happy to help with any knitting […]

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Basic Knitting Supplies: What To Buy

basic knitting supplies updated

I was recently on vacation in New York City, and my fabulous best friend, Demi, was wondering the city with me. She was kind enough to drop into a local yarn store with me and one thing led to another…suddenly she had needles and yarn in her hands. I was talking her through her first knit stitches, and she looked at me, eyes wide, and said these magical words- “I can see how this would be really addictive.” She said the next time we spend some time together she would like some more knitting lessons. She also asked that I recommend for her some beginners tools. To start, all you really need are needles and yarn.

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