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Desert Scavenger Hat – Free Pattern!

The harsh desert badlands are no place to take chances, whether with your scrap dealer or the unrelenting sun. Keep yourself safe from at least one of those things with the Desert Scavenger Hat! This design is a super simple hat, with a couple fun attachments to give it a unique look — almost like it’s from a galaxy far, far away. Perfect for cold days, sunny days, sandstorms, or picking through the cavernous interiors of downed starships.

Star wars hats pattern ideas
My pattern on the left with the crochet goggles. Space Princess Hat by Fiber Flux on the right. Cute babies on both sides.

Yarn Needed for Desert Scavenger Hat:

1 Skein of Impeccable Yarn, Aran, 4.5 oz by Loops & Threads

1 Skein of Impeccable Yarn, Black, 4.5 oz by Loops & Threads

Needles Needed for Desert Scavenger Hat:

Absolutely necessary:

Size 9 double pointed needles


16″ size 9 circular needles (I prefer to use these, and switch to double pointed needles at the end. If you’re a magic loop lover though, you don’t need the double pointed needles)


Crochet needle size H (5mm) (if you choose to make the crochet version of the goggles)

Notions Needed:

Tapestry needle

Stitch marker


4 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch, 5 rows per inch in stockinette stitch

Desert Scavenger Hat Pattern:

Knitted goggles pictured.

Size Small (baby/kid-sized), Size Adult Medium, Size Adult Large

Cast on 60 stitches for small, or cast on 66 stitches for medium, or cast on 74 stitches for large. (I use the cable cast on.) Place a stitch marker and join, being careful not to twist your stitches.

All sizes:

Rows 1-8: Knit stockinette in the round (which is all knit stitch.)

Rows 9-11: Knit ribbing to prevent the stockinette stitch rolling further. *K1, P1* repeat all the way around.

Knit stockinette stitch until you reach your desired length from the bottom of your ribbing rows. (I usually just line my knitting up with a hat I really like and I judge size by that.)

Small: 4.5″

Medium: 5″

Large: 6.25″

Knit your next round decreasing evenly around the hat by using k2tog.

Small: Decrease 12 stitches

Medium: Decrease 2 stitches

Large: Decrease 10 stitches

Remaining stitches:

Small: 48 stitches

Medium: 64 stitches

Large: 64 stitches

Knit your next round decreasing as follows: *K2, k2tog* Repeat. Remaining stitches:

Small: 36 stitches

Medium: 48 stitches

Large: 48 stitches

Knit your next round decreasing as follows: *K1, k2tog* Repeat. Remaining stitches:

Small: 24 stitches

Medium: 32 stitches

Large: 32 stitches

Switch to double pointed needles or magic loop.

Decrease as follows for 3 more rounds: *k2tog* Repeat until there are:

Small: 3 stitches

Medium: 4 stitches

Large: 4 stitches

desert scavenger hat

Cut yarn with a longer tail, and then pull that tail through your remaining stitches tightly, and weave in the end on the inside of the hat.

I personally prefer adding the crochet goggles, because I like the contrast in textures. I made the goggles using the same yarn, but held double since the pattern calls for bulky yarn. Check out these awesome cute goggles over at

For those of you who aren’t big fans of crochet, a knit version of the goggles can be found here.

Knitted goggles pictured.

After goggles have been made and sewn on your hat, you can add your neck protection chin strap.

Size Small: Pick up 10 stitches 5 rows from the bottom of your hat on the interior side of the hat.

Size Medium and Large: Pick up 12 stitches 5 rows from the bottom of your hat on the interior side of the hat.

Knit flat garter stitch, slipping the first stitch of each row. Knit to desired length, and cast off. Leave a longer tail, and use to sew the end to the other side of the hat.

desert scavenger hat
Slipped stitches make this nice edge.

Weave in your ends and you’re done! Enjoy exploring the desert in style.

Be sure to add your project photos to Ravelry! (New to Ravelry? Check out my guide to this awesome social network here.)

Crochet goggles pictured.

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