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Star Wars Knitting and Crochet Ideas

Star Wars Quick Project Ideas, for Knitting and Crochet

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A very special holiday is upon us: May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day.  It’s also my wedding anniversary because my husband is a big Star Wars fan, I’m a converted fan, and also I really enjoy any excuse for a holiday and puns. Let’s celebrate with some Star Wars knitting and crochet projects so quick, it’ll feel like you’re making the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs!

Star Wars Quick Project Knitting Ideas

If you’d like to make something for yourself or an adorable baby, check out this easy, free “Space Princess Hat” pattern from Fiber Flux. I made one for one of my twin nieces.

star wars quick project hats

My other niece is wearing a Rey hat from The Force Awakens, a pattern I designed myself. Find it here.

Star Wars Quick Project Crochet Ideas

I already own this delightful Star Wars Crochet kit and have made a Yoda so far with it.

star wars quick project

(Don’t over stuff your toy like I did. Fat Yodas are cute, but unnecessary. The kit includes WAY more fiberfill then you need.) It is such a great kit with super clear instructions. So even if you’ve never crocheted before, you should give it a try! If you already have the kit like I do, Lucy Collin just released a new kit this year, Even More Star Wars Crochet.

star wars quick project
Look at how adorable Lando is!

Check out Lucy’s Ravelry page too; she’s an epic designer! Her blog has even more helpful information about her awesome patterns.

Even More Star Wars Quick Crochet Ideas

Pops de Milk also has a plethora of FREE (and purchasable) Star Wars patterns. This website celebrates Star Wars Day in style! My personal favorites are the:

star wars crochet ideas
Boba Fett Crochet Bag FREE                 PATTERN!


star wars crochet ideas
Actual adorable pattern name: Cutest Little Death Star

May the Fourth Be With You, and Your Knitting and Crochet!


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