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Learn Loom Knitting if You’re Scared of Knitting Needles!

When I first decided I wanted to get my craft on, it was a scary prospect, as I’d always felt I was terribly uncoordinated. Using my hands to make stuff just seemed like crazy talk. Then I began to learn loom knitting and my attitude completely changed!

I started out simple with french knitting, one of the most basic things you can learn with yarn. Click on the photo below to check out this super simple tool on Amazon!

I made some basic potholders, but as I deep-dived into the world of knitting on the internet, I realized there are so many things to make. All the clothes, accessories and toys!

I still didn’t quite have that knitting needle confidence though. So I made the leap into loom knitting next. I had never had a hobby before that I spent money on, so it felt like quite the leap for me. I distinctly remember someone once asking me what I liked to do for fun when I was in my 20s, and drawing a complete blank. Everything I do is usually in the hopes of making some sort of money, even if it’s as foolhardy as making theatre and hoping to get paid for it. (I can’t even stop myself doing it with this blog. So, you know, click on my affiliate links in this post!)

I started to learn loom knitting by buying this book and doing whatever the amazing Isela Phelps told me to do. Click on the photo below to check out the book on Amazon:

I took her word as gospel, and I’m so grateful I did, since her book is fantastic! It spells out everything you need to know in the simplest, most basic, straightforward way. At this point, I was even intimidated by YouTube videos, so this book was the best way for me start! I own the first edition, and now I’m tempted to buy the second edition, which has even more updated information on all the many looms that have been added to the craft market over the last ten years. The patterns are wonderful as well, and get you started with all the basics like hats, scarfs, and even socks. Eventually I found a great loom knitting blog as well that went at a slow, easy pace and had a cutesy punny name (which you can probably guess I enjoy) called Good Knit Kisses.

And much like learning any other craft, part of the fun is in buying all the tools!

I personally own and enjoy these round looms:

I also own the infamous Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Loom Kit. It was nice to have for some patterns, and super adaptable. Unfortunately, I always felt like it was more difficult to put together and more challenging on my hands. Sometimes a pattern will make it worth it! Also the right knitting hook can make all the difference, like an Authentic Knitting Board Ergonomic Hook.

I have yet to try the Zippy Loom, but I think it looks really cool!

While I don’t loom knit as much anymore, I still do when I need to whip up a super fast baby hat or just to mix it up. In fact, one of my favorite projects was loom knit and sewed together, using a pattern from the Denise Layman’s book “Afghans & Bed Runners for Knitting Looms.”learn loom knitting blanket

Sometimes I felt loom knitting wasn’t taken very seriously in the yarn crafting community, but I find if I show a non-believer this blanket, they usually stop their silly yapping. Learn loom knitting, or whatever craft makes you happy!

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My name is Monica Rodriguez and I can’t stop fidgeting with yarn. I live in Albuquerque, NM with my husband. We belong to two terriers who manage to cuddle us just enough to keep us from revolting.

2 thoughts to “Learn Loom Knitting if You’re Scared of Knitting Needles!”

  1. Loved this article! I felt the same way about using two needles but with loom knitting I am successful – definitely still an amateur but I enjoy it very much. I agree about the Martha Stewart loom. I also have an oval loom that can be converted to a round loom. The pegs kept falling out so I finally glued them in permanently! Small projects are very satisfying like hats for preemie babies.
    Thanks for the article.

    1. I love that you aren’t scared to go permanent and just glued those suckers in! Loom knitting is fun and it provides some foundations for needle knitting should you want to try that in the future. Learning the knit and purl stitch, and just generally not being afraid of dropping a stitch, helped me to build a lot of confidence! I was always in abject terror of dropping a stitch when I first learned how to needle knit. But with loom knitting I love that I can always keep the stitches firmly in place. Thanks for commenting!

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