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Penny Dreadful: Josh Harnett Causes Many Feelings About A Sweater

Josh Harnett has never caught my eye before, but I did a lot of double takes while watching him as Ethan Chandler on Penny Dreadful.

Perhaps I like cowboys more than I realized?

Regardless, I really want to make this sweater for myself.

Knitting Ideas:


The original sweater doesn’t look like a very complicated pattern, and I think would be fairly easy to replicate. The beauty is really all in the yarn.

Perhaps something like Wool of the Andes Tweed Yarn in Farmhouse Heather would work?

Or something without any dye at all, like the handspun Shetland wool yarn you can find on Etsy by EdgewoodGardenStudio.


In conclusion, HOT DAMN.

I can’t look at this photo and pay enough attention to the sweater to research it, so I’ll just leave this here for you.


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